• Stove and Fireplace Sales

  • Custom Hearth Design and Construction

  • Chimney Inspection/ Cleaning

  • Chimney Repair / Restoration

  • Chimney Relining / Caps

  • Animal Removal

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning


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Stove and Fireplace Sales

stove and fireplace salesIf you are starting from scratch, you have come to the right place! Advanced Chimney Solutions is proud to carry a wide variety of products from Regency, the leading manufacturer in the industry. Our wood, pellet, and gas fireplaces and stoves ensure there is the perfect product for every homeowner. Visit our Hearth Showroom to learn more.

Custom Hearth Design and Construction

custom hearth design and constructionsWhether purchasing from us or updating an existing structure, we have the design capabilities and craftsmanship to create the hearth of your dreams. No chimney, no problem! Our masons can create everything you need to have a beautiful and safe fireplace or stove. For more ideas, visit  Our Design Center.

Chimney Inspection / Cleaning

chimney cleaningAs a firefighter owned company, ensuring you have a clean, safe chimney is an absolute passion. Our CSIA trained Chimney Sweeps use state-of-the-art equipment to inspect and clean all types of chimneys. While sweeping your system and removing dangerous creosote, we look for any problems that could interfere with optimal performance. When necessary, our video equipment that can examine hidden parts of the flue. We thoroughly inspect the crown, brickwork, mortar joints, flashing, smoke chamber, damper, firebox and hearth. Upon completion you will receive clear cut recommendations about any necessary repairs. Our technicians respect your home, leaving it as clean and neat as if they were never there!

Chimney Repair / Restoration

From the bottom to the top, our masons and craftsmen can rebuild and restore your chimney so that it is better than new. Some common areas needing attention are:

chimney crown rebuilding Crown Rebuilding – The crown is the masonry layer that covers the top of your chimney that prevents water from seeping into the masonry below. Water damage not only causes more expensive repairs, but is a fire hazard as well. Advanced Chimney Solutions uses Chimney Saver products that offer a technologically advanced crown that is guaranteed not to crack. We back that up with a 15 year warranty on all crown work; that is 5 years longer than the standard manufacturer warranty offered by our competitors!

Waterproofing – There are many reasons water gets into a chimney and we can fix them all. We provide replacement of leaky flashing, tuck pointing, masonry repair, whatever it takes to keep your chimney safe and dry.

chimney capChimney Cap – The cap sits above the crown and is an essential part of protecting your chimney – without one it is like having a hole in your roof! Rain, debris, even animals can enter and cause expensive repairs. Embers and sparks can also escape causing a fire hazard. We offer a lifetime warranty on all stainless steel or copper chimney caps.

Chase Top – how is it different than cap? Leaky or damaged tops made of masonry are potential hazards on pre-fabricated metal fireplaces. We eliminate the problem by replacing masonry and rusted metal tops, with new, custom, chase tops to fit your chimney.

chimney cap Chimney Relining- Maintaining an intact lining is essential to prevent dangerous carbon monoxide from seeping through your unlined or deteriorating chimney. Usually consisting of an inner layer of clay tiles, the lining is designed to keep heat and gases inside the chimney. This prevents overheating of the combustible materials of your house and keeps them from igniting. The liner also keeps carbon monoxide, smoke, creosote, and other by-products from seeping into your home. When a clay liner was never installed, or when it is damaged in any way, the National Fire Prevention Assoc. Code 211 requires it be replaced.

Animal Removal

chimney animal removalA chimney that is not in use provides the perfect place for an animal to call home. If squirrels, raccoons, birds or other pests have made a home in your chimney or dryer vent duct, we will eliminate the problem, removing animals and their nests and preventing future infestation.

Dryer Vent Inspection / Cleaning

chimney capThere were 16,800 dryer vent fires last year! Prevent this from happening to your home by having our technicians do a thorough sweep of your vent for safety and optimal effectiveness. Our diagnostic tools can detect and solve issues before they cause you a problem.

Our Promise To You: 100% Commitment to
Excellent Service and Satisfaction

extra hsightsAdvanced Chimney Solutions goes to extra heights to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. As a family owned business, our name and reputation in the community is very important. We treat all customers the way we would like to be treated. We strive to listen to your needs, deliver service flawlessly, and follow the strictest safety guidelines, all at a reasonable rate. As our testimonials prove, we deliver what we promise. Our fairness and integrity earned us the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in 2006. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.